Kinda Collective

Kinda Collective is a community project, which intends to generate a conscious culture through communal interaction and service. We are an open community united by the need to participate in the development of culture, which is shaped through social interaction. Through the collective involvement of passionate individuals, we intend to develop the integrity within culture. They are our on site neighbors and excellent hosts and stewards. The Digital Garden would not be possible without the aid and vision of the Kinda Collective.

Earth and Sky Architecture

Earth and Sky Architecture has been specializing in evocative, compassionate, and environmentally responsible house design in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region for nearly a decade. Our firm's architectural expertise combines the best of the past with the knowledge for the future. This project would never have made it off the ground without the tremendous support of Paul Adams, founder of Earth and Sky Architecture.

The Open Media Foundation

Open Media Foundation exists to put the power of the media and technology in the hands of the people in order to enable every person to actively engage in their community and bring about the change they wish to see in the world. Web developers at the Open Media Foundation helped to make this site possible by offering help in debugging.

Organic Landscape Design

Organic Landscape Design has designed and cultivated several successful permaculture/community garden hybrids in the Colorado region, including the Broomfield Garden and the Golden Garden. They are an excellent resource for Colorado permaculture and sustainability. David Braden has been indispensable  in planning the Digital Garden on Leetsdale.