Some Exciting Updates

The last few days since our first community meeting have ushered in some exciting updates.

  • Gardening: The first batch of seeds for our plants have come in the mail, and I've decided on how we are going to work out the plant sale. These seed started plants will be available for garden members at a drastically reduced rate ($3.00 each). Gardeners are not required ot use our plants by any means, but the two rules of the space are 1) Plants must be organic, and 2) absolutely no chemical fertilizers. Our plants are organic and will never see a molecule of inorganic fertilizer. So far we have several tomato varieties including heirloom and hybrid varieties, two varieties of winter squash, three varieties of summer squash, egg plant, cucumber, and musk melon. I've also received a lot of community seeds that will be directly sowed after the sheet mulching workshop. Which brings us to our next update.
  • Sheet Mulching Workshop: The first sheet mulching workshop has been scheduled for Saturday, April 10th at 10am. See the events section for more details.
  • Commuity Website Section: The community section of the website is up and running. Soon I'll be creating some more groups around our various tasks and programming.
  • Site Documentation: Finally, I've been wanting to post a few photos of our site. Documenting the pre planning phase. Here they are: