DGL and Team Gardening

This year we've decided to experiment with a new model for community gardening, which was suggested by our good friend David Braden of the Applewood Permaculture Institute. It is an attempt to network various community gardens in the greater metro area through a web like structure of communication and effort.

The top level of the structure consists of garden leaders from the various projects in the area. These leaders trade information on successes and failures, and work to exchange resources where possible. The next layer below are group leaders. Group leaders are experienced gardeners or key community figures. They work to lead individual teams of 3-5 gardeners to tend around four plots. The group leaders and group members all garden for free, but are responsible for finding 4 financial contributors. Financial contributors will buy into the group for a suggested price of $50. They will receive a CSA style allotment of produce throughout the season. 

This model bears a lot of promise because it allows a larger group of individuals to participate in the planning process. It also allows several different ways for individuals to participate in DGL. If you like to garden and have time, you can tend a plot as a group member. This would allow you to engage in the planning process, and to get free produce all season long. If you don't have time or desire to garden, but still want produce or to support the garden you can chip in and become a financial supporter. Team gardening also distributes the burden of gardening, making it easier for everyone involved. We will also still offer individual plots. However taking part in the team process is suggested. Below are listed the ways to participate with DGL:

  • As a group leader (free)
  • As a garden team member (free)
  • As a financial supporter ($50 suggested contribution)
  • As an individual plot gardener ($35 suggested contribution)

Contributions cover the expense of power, water, irrigation materials, sheet mulching materials, and seed.