We had a pretty good turn out yesterday (the 17th), and were able to lay the foundational elements of our sheet mulching down. We got the first layer of manure spread easily, the caredboard we had down, and manure on top of that. Today, Sunday the 18th we are having a 12-4 work day to try and get some more done. We are still missing a good bit of cardboard. So if you are free come join us for another fun day of sheet mulching at DGL and bring your spare cardboard. Tomorrow, I will post the schedule for the weeks to come.

We've been working really hard to gather all the materials necessary for next Saturday's sheet mulching workshop. This has meant a lot of trips to local horse, cow, and alpaca farms to whom we are extremely grateful. We've made a lot of new friends, and have had a lot of fun shoveling/hauling manure. We still need more manure, mulch and cardboard. Currently, we are getting our mulch (tree chippings) from Rushton Tree Service, whose headquarters is near by.  


If you have any cardboard you are going to chunk please bring it to the garden instead. There is a tarped up pile on top of the hill, near where the garden is roped off. As a reminder, we are having public work times Wednesday from 12pm - 7pm, and Friday from 12pm - 3pm. We'd love to have you come see the space, and chat over a few loads of mulch. Also, if those times aren't good, contact us via the 'contact form' and we can set up another time that works for you. Thanks again to all the local farms whom have helped us so far. Here are some pictures from our manure gathering.

We started our seeds last Tuesday, and I've been meaning to post pics for a while now. We are growing the plants (that will be available to gardeners at $3.00 each) at the Grow Haus. It's a wonderful project to be able to utilize. Basically, they will become an urban agricultural learning center, farmer's market, and nursery. I've included pictures of the facilities and the current grow space. The last picture showcases our plants (the ones that havn't sprouted yet). All the tomatoes belong to a local tomato farming co-operative group.

Also, check out the new sheet mulching discussion group. It's a good place to learn and talk about the process.  

Being that the inner workings of a Drupal site can be somewhat user inhibitive, I thought I'd make a post about using the community section with the newly made Sheet Mulching Group as an example. If you click the community link from the main menu, you will be taken to a directory of all current groups. Groups are just miniature sub-sites that have separate lists of members, their own home page, the ability to add posts, and to make comments. As an anonymous user or non-group-member, user you will be able to see the content of groups and comment on it, but not contribute to the group directly. At any time you may click on a group title and check out the home page, content, and conversation going on. You must have an account to subscribe to, post to, or create groups. After you have an account set up you may do all of the above. After navigating to the community page, click 'join group' if there is one that strikes your fancy. Sometimes, you will be added to a group automatically, based on a form. Currently, we would like every user to join the "Main Group" so that we can discuss community needs and improvements in one setting. After joining a group you may contribute to its content by clicking "Create Content" from the left sidebar menu and then "Group Pages" from the content list. Fill out the post like any blog entry, and be sure to associate it with the correct group, by checking the group's box in the "Groups Pane".  After saving the post it will be added to the groups stream of posts, where users may comment. 

How about an example with the Sheet Mulching Group. Assuming you have created an account, navigate to the Community section by clicking on the "Community" link in the main menu. Next, click on the Sheet Mulching Discussion Group title. You will see the Sheet Mulching Discussion home page and the articles that have been contributed. You may comment on these pages or the group's home at any time by clicking add new comment. Finally, lets say you decided to join the group. Navigate back to the main community page by clicking the "Community" link again. Now click 'join group', next to the Sheet Mulching Discussion group. Now you may add posts to the Sheet Mulching Discussion group by clicking "Create Content" and then "Group Pages" from the content list. After joining a group it will be added to your group list, which is accessible from either the "My Account" link from the left sidebar menu, followed by clicking the "My Groups" tab, or by navigating to the community section and clicking "My Groups". 

That being explained please come join our brand new Sheet Mulching Group and get ready for Saturday April 10th.


The last few days since our first community meeting have ushered in some exciting updates.

  • Gardening: The first batch of seeds for our plants have come in the mail, and I've decided on how we are going to work out the plant sale. These seed started plants will be available for garden members at a drastically reduced rate ($3.00 each). Gardeners are not required ot use our plants by any means, but the two rules of the space are 1) Plants must be organic, and 2) absolutely no chemical fertilizers. Our plants are organic and will never see a molecule of inorganic fertilizer. So far we have several tomato varieties including heirloom and hybrid varieties, two varieties of winter squash, three varieties of summer squash, egg plant, cucumber, and musk melon. I've also received a lot of community seeds that will be directly sowed after the sheet mulching workshop. Which brings us to our next update.
  • Sheet Mulching Workshop: The first sheet mulching workshop has been scheduled for Saturday, April 10th at 10am. See the events section for more details.
  • Commuity Website Section: The community section of the website is up and running. Soon I'll be creating some more groups around our various tasks and programming.
  • Site Documentation: Finally, I've been wanting to post a few photos of our site. Documenting the pre planning phase. Here they are: