It's been a couple of weeks already, but we sure had a great time at our the 3rd of july party. This gave me an opportunity to test my time lapse rig. Here is a short video of the Glendale fireworks display as seen from DGL. I need to up the capture rate next time. I'm hoping to use this technique to document our straw bale workshops.

The garden is starting to look great. The first section of plots is filled, and the crops are coming along. Below are some recent pics. We have a lot of fun stuff happening in July. I'll make a more detailed post soon, but these include our 3rd of July party, straw bale workshops, July's Salon for Urban Permaculture, and an evening of food fun and wine is in the works, lead by our very own gardener/sommelier. We hope to see you there. Warm regards from DGL.

As of last weekend many of our crops are in. We've gone ahead and planted our warm season crops, perhaps a bit too early. Some of them are having a  challenging time due to temperature fluctuation and wind burn. Live and learn. Our cool season crops are all sprouting and doing wonderfully. We still have a good amount of plants available. Also check out the wonderful coverage one of our foodie gardeners is giving us in his blog the Green Apron. Keep an eye out for a new community section on Permaculture, Nature, and Humans coming soon. Here are a few pictures from this and last week.

The garden's drip system is nearly complete. We are dealing with a few plumbing issues, which should be resolved shortly. We currently have a one zone system with a single in line timer. It's going to be a nicely efficient, simple set up.We are experimenting with depth and configuration. Thanks to David Braden for help setting up, and giving a good learning experience. After planting seedlings gardeners will not have to make weekly watering visits. The images below show our tall sheet mulch, and drip system on a few beds. 

It's been a while since I've updated because I've been sick with a sinus infection for over a week now, and have been insanely busy with the space. We've made a tremendous amount of progress in all areas. The garden plots are almost completely sheet mulched, the shed's foundation is mostly dug, and the post and beam structure nearly complete. Along the way we've met a lot of wonderful new friends. I have a lot of documentation to catch up on. I'll  upload this stuff in batches, but here are some great photos of our foundation day, and the rising structure. Our good friend and architect Paul has taken a lot of great photos as well. Available here and here. More to come...