Update: 10/8 workshop has been canceled due to the weather. We are still on for tomorrow weather permitting and will have a make up day next Sunday the 16th.

DGL is excited to announce two great events we are hosting in October. The first is another weekend of plastering workshops much like last year. We'll learn all about straw bale building and natural earthen plaster from local expert Mark Schueneman. Join us as we move closer to completion of our straw bale shed, mixing plaster from local supplies and applying it to the outside and inside of the shed. This is a great opportunity to get down and dirty learning about sustainable building technique uniquely suited for our region. No previous experience is required and attendance is free. Here are the details.

  • When: October 8th and 9th From 9am-5pm
  • Where: 4500 Leetsdale Drive, Glendale Co
  • What to Bring: Admission is free! Bring a dish to share for lunch, a plate and utensils (zero waste)

The second event is a Hugelkultur workshop lead by local permaculturist David Braden who oversees several local community gardens and the Applewood Permaculture Institute. Hugelkultur is a technique that involves using rotting wood as compost in a raised bed. We will hybridze this technique with sheet mulching to form some insectory garden beds that will work to hold water in, block weeds and promote a teeming soil ecology without irrigation or fertilizer. Participants will get to practice this technique, while learning about permaculture in the Colorado urban environment. Here are the details for the Hugelkulture workshop:

  • When: October 15th From 9am - around 5pm
  • Where: 4500 Leetsdale Drive, Glendale Co
  • Transition Event: Please RSVP:
  • What to Bring: Admission is free! Bring a dish to share for lunch, a plate and utensils (zero waste)

Here are some Hugelkultur Videos that demonstrate the technique:


From the Applewood Permaculture Institute.

It's already been a long cold winter, but the 2011 growing season is approaching rapidly. The Digital Garden on Leetsdale will be hosting a series of community meetings to gather interest, and discuss our new approach for this year, team gardening. Though individual plots will still be available, we are encouraging everyone to give team gardening a chance. DGL offers a unique opportunity to get lots of cheap organic produce, while learning about Permaculture in a unique setting. We'd love for you to join us. 

  •  Sunday, February 20th, 2pm
  •  Thursday, February 24th, 6:30pm
  •  Wednesday, March 2nd, 6:30pm

Second set of meetings:

  • Saturday March 19th, 2pm
  • Monday March 21st, 6:30pm
  • Friday march 25th, 6:30pm

There will be a live twitter discussion on the night of the opening from 5:30-6:45, while people tour, eat, and interact at the space. So if you're coming don't forget to bring your mobile device, or use one of our computers to join in. If you can't make it you can join the crowd we'll have participating remotely. Discussion prompts will be posted by dgldiscussion @dgldiscussion. To take part simply tweet @dgldiscussion. You can follow along the night of in the space, or online here.

We had a wonderful time this weekend, working on the shed. All together the first of three plaster coats is about 70% complete. We still have a long way to go, but learned a lot, ate well, and had some great conversations. We'll be continuing the effort this weekend with another workday, Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. Come learn about mixing and applying earthen plaster. Here are some pics from the last few days.

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks at the garden. We got the rubble trench filled, the earth bags in place, and to-ups built in preparation for last weekend's workshop. Then our straw baling instructor, Mark Schueneman, came for an amazing Saturday and Sunday. He gave a really informative presentation covering the general best practices of straw baling, and then we stacked lots of bails. We are looking forward to part two, which will cover prepping the shed for, mixing, and applying plaster. That workshop will be the weekend of the 25th and 26th. 

In the mean time we have lots of work that needs to be done. Need to build the remaining box beams, stuff straw into gaps, and finish the last bit of stacking. We will definitely have a work day sometime soon. Yesterday, Richard and I got the tar paper on our roof and now we are researching the best approach for the finish it up. Here are some picture of the garden, and all the recent festivities.